A warm thank you to all who attended our public meeting at the Cottage Inn near Llandeilo on Monday evening 26th March. There was plenty of lively discussion, and we hope that our ideas gave everyone food for thought.

Cynog Dafis and Heini Gruffudd presented the case for establishing a Language Authority for Wales; a powerful body to promote the Welsh language, and draw up plans for its regeneration both nationally and within the community. The discussions that followed certainly confirmed the need for such a body, with a wide overview of all policy matters related to the language.

The question of Welsh-medium or bilingual education came up for discussion. Councillor Cefin Campbell said that Carmarthenshire’s long term aim was to phase out English-medium education and establish bilingual schools in their place and for dual-stream schools to become Welsh-medium schools.

Planning and housing also came under discussion. It was said that the estimate for the number of homes needed for Carmarthenshire exceeded the need. On the other hand, it was argued that social housing was needed for young people, and to solve the problem of homelessness.

Thank you once again to the people of the Llandeilo area for your presence at the meeting and for your comments. We appreciate the opportunity provided by these meetings to meet up and talk to you, and we will be announcing further dates and locations soon.

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