About Us

Dyfodol i’r Iaith is a lobbying pressure group. The organisation wishes to see positive policies which favour the Welsh language being put into action by central and local government.

Our Board consists of a dozen members, with expertise in education, language planning, the media, education, marketing, the law, politics, culture and the academic world.

We have already been influential and successful in many areas:

  • Establishing a dozen Welsh Language Centres
  • Establishing a 2nd popolar Welsh-language radio station
  • Ensuring that Welsh is a factor in housing development
  • Establishing a National Centre for Learning Welsh for Adults
  • Ensuring greater emphasis on Welsh in the community

But a great deal remains to be done.

We believe:

That Wales has to adopt policies that give the Welsh language a prominent role within the education system, the workplace, the community and the home

That we need to talk to all political parties to be effective and influential