Dyfodol i’r Iaith is extremely disappointed that a further case of a car parking company showing complete disrespect for the Welsh language.

Gwen Williams contacted us after failing to receive a Welsh medium parking penalty notice at the ‘Eagles’ hotel in Llanrwst in mid-December 2023. 6 weeks later she received an English-only parking penalty for £60 from Smart Parking Ltd.

Gwen Williams said,

“It is important to note that I explained throughout that I wanted to pay the fine if it was translated and I suggested how many people could do it for them but I lost the appeal.

Whether I decide to pay the fine or not, I will continue to campaign for bilingual penalty signs and notices by lobbying the authorities who have the power and opportunity to improve the law. The Welsh language Bill 2011 and the language standards do not go far enough to promote bilingualism in the private sector….”

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