Cynog Dafis, on behalf of Dyfodol i’r Iaith, has appealed to the new Senedd members to use the Welsh language to the best of their ability as part of their duties. In an open letter, published in the current edition of the magazine, Golwg, the former MP and Assembly Member, calls upon the Senedd ‘s politicians to set a personal example of using the language  to support the Government’s aim to create a million Welsh speakers.

Cynog Dafis suggests the following guidelines for Senedd members:

  • For fluent Welsh speakers to always use the language normally, naturally, and confidently in the Senedd to promote a balanced approach to bilingualism.
  • That less fluent speakers use the Welsh language less frequently, but with the aim of increasing its use, bearing in mind that use promotes mastery.
  • Non-Welsh speakers should at least use the language symbolically and consider learning it – as Glyn Davies and David TC Davies did during the term of the first National Assembly between 1999 and 2003.

Cynog Dafis is keen to emphasise that increasing the use of Welsh should not be undertaken as a chore or a duty, but rather, it should be embarked upon with “confidence, pride and joy in the remarkable treasure of our ancient language,” so that the Welsh language is ”promoted and adapted for the requirements of a new age.”


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