Following a series of blows to Welsh-language funding, Dyfodol i’r Iaith are calling for more transparency over the cuts. In the past few weeks it has been announced that S4C would be facing cutbacks; that funding for the promotion of the Welsh language is to be reduced; and last week, we learnt of further significant cuts to the Welsh Books Council’s budget. Looking at the overall picture, the cumulative effect on the Welsh language and its culture is critical.

Dyfodol yr Iaith claims that the Welsh Government, according to its own figures is set to receive more money, not less, annually from London and that these cuts are unnecessary.

The situation presented by the Welsh Government to justify these cuts is therefore less than honest. While the Government claims they will receive less money, this is only justified on the basis of inflation: a rise of 3.6% is claimed, when, in reality, the level is much lower, being closer to 1%.

Elinor Jones, Dyfodol i’r Iaith’s President said: “The recent cuts are likely to have a highly detrimental effect on Welsh culture. The budget as it stands is pitifully low; a situation which shows a lack of respect towards the Welsh language, and one which means that any cutbacks would have an inordinate effect. The future of our language and culture is too weighty a mater to be pushed aside and buried with equivocal words.”

“ Dyfodol has already called for an emergency meeting with the First Minister, and we will be pressing further for this in the wake of these latest developments.”

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