Constructive Meeting with First Minister

Dyfodol i’r Iaith has welcomed the postive response from the First Minister towards planning and the Welsh language after a meeting with Carwyn Jones today.

Emyr Lewis, Heini Gruffudd and Elin Wyn met the First Minister in his office to discuss including the Welsh language in the Planning Bill. Carwyn Jones said he understood and acknowledged that the Welsh language must be a strong community language and that he was open to considering including the Welsh language in the Planning Bill

The First Minitser has invited Dyfodol to undertake some further work on how this could be happen on a practical level. Carwyn Jones said detailed work needed to be done to define where the Welsh language should be considered in planning applications and whether different guidelines would be needed for different parts of Wales.

Dyfodol will now bring together a group of experts in planning and the law to prepare a comprehensive paper for the First Minister.

Dyfodol’s presentation to the First Minister can be read here (Welsh only) Cynllunio a’r Gymraeg



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